Ultra Supportive
UFS Support
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High Quality Fabric
Multiple Color Options
Optimal Support
Breathable Quality Fabric


Tired of bras that smash you instead of lifting and shaping your cleavage? Bras that don’t support your breasts, are just plain uncomfortable or have straps that slip and don’t stay put? Now there’s a better way! Introducing new SexyShapewear, the only bra with UFS--- special Underwire-Free Support to lift and shape your cleavage, plus fight gravity with the silkiest, most comfortable support ever!

Invented by “Shape Expert,” Best-selling Author and “Doctor to the Stars,” Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stuart Linder, SexyShapewear lifts and shapes your breasts like nothing else--- whether your small, medium or extremely busty. It adapts to YOUR unique shape and gives you a youthful, perky silhouette.

“Gravity will cause your breasts to sag if you don’t wear the proper bra,” says Dr. Linder. “The problem with other bras is that they don’t have UFS, Underwire Free Support with our special bi-directional stretch, so they can lead to sagginess. SexyShapewear has firm compression, with soft, silky fabric designed to lift and shape you perfectly, not smash you. As a top plastic surgeon who’s worked on thousands of celebrities and women, I realized many women would never need plastic surgery to correct excessive sagginess of the breasts if they just wore the right Shapewear. I invented SexyShapewear because there was nothing on the market that has the compression, lift and comfort like this and I believe all women deserve to look beautiful!” TV Host and Model, Amanda Latona agrees. “As a top Fitness Model, I work hard and I need a bra that works as hard as I do. SexyShapewear lifts me and gives me curves--- with strong support! And the soft, silky fabric feels so comfy! I love it!” Order SexyShapewear now and see for yourself!